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   Having your own bridge magazine can be a lot of fun. First of all I do not need to worry anymore about someone publishing an unflattering photo of myself (not that there is such a thing, you understand), second I have made a great many new and interesting friends. Admittedly some of them do make it their duty to explain why it is so absolutely wrong to publish X instead of Y, but I never get tired of listening. As my husband often tells me: I am from a very unusual and endangered breed of people, the ones who actually enjoying listening and are not waiting for the first suitable break to take over the conversation. Back to bridge journalism: the main hope when I took over the task of Editor of the Israeli Bridge Magazine was to finally be able to turn into reality the many ideas I had on what should a bridge magazine be all about.

   Do not get me wrong, it is not that I hated the way the magazine had been done before but we all have our own individual style, our own way to see things and often a different way is not necessarily better or worse but just different.

   My first priority was to try and open a window to the world , including articles and reportages by some of the best bridge writers to update our readers on the latest happenings in the bridge world.

   Next came an increase in the part of the magazine dedicated to our not yet expert readers (sounds nice, no?), with several articles on bidding, play of the hand and defense.

   Not least important, the insertion of pieces written about bridge but from different, often irreverent angles. Here you can read and hopefully enjoy a selection of our articles over the last two years.

   Well, I cannot deny that it has not been a very bumpy ride, but we are having a hell of a time doing it!


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